Friday, May 13, 2011

~*~ Desires ~*~

 Luscious White Underwear Set by Amanda Ragged.

Owner of Desires, location on Region... Desire.

Comes Copy only, but attachments are generous & i didnt need to
make any alterations to fit my BBW Avatar ;)

 We met Amanda & her partner when they rented from us on
Darnderylle I. I have quite a few of her lovely outfits... This lingerie set is
beautiful & detailed.

They also create Furniture & Adult Toys ;)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Phoenix Antiques!

A pleasant Eveing at Home
 Phoenix Antiques
Main Store ~ Roderik
Very reasonable Prices for good quality Victorian Furniture & Furnishings.

We 1st came across this merchant after she rented a parcel from us on Roderik & we simply fell in Love with her Furniture. We have a lot of her furniture now, we need a lot for our big mansion haha

The Leather Settee

Nothing is ever too much trouble for her...
her customer Service is top notch!

Luxury bed

Chaise Lounge & gorgeous Curtains
We fell in love with bedroom set, but wanted it to match the Curtains & Chaise lounge we had bought from her... so she did the bed for us in the same textures

Saturday, April 16, 2011

CIA Designs

Lady Dot Blue by CIA Designs located on Genesis

I simply love this dress! Mainly because I dont have to refit it or stretch the skirt to fit my normal avatar being a BBW can often cause you problems with skirt attachments. I love the details on it, the buttoned up back, the flower attachment on shoulder... again not expensive

Hair I am wearing is Viktoria by EMO tions

Back button detail

Model Rosa

Normal Rosa

Peace Creations

Dandy by Peace Creations, located at Matahari in Inworldz
This comes in a few colors, I love the way it looks on him, it wasnt expensive & it came with shirt, undershirt, jacket, pants & underpants

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Four Winds ~ Koshari Mahana

We 1st met Koshari when she came to Pisces & rented one of our shops there... we were at that time just setting up Major Island & had taken a break from Building, then we discovered Fourwinds & simply fell in Love with her buildings... that changed our plans then for Major island because we bought out her shop & made it into a Victorian Themed Rental sim.

Her buildings are just awesome & can be seen all over Inworldz, she is a lovely person to chat to too, great Customer service

If your looking for builds for your region then Fourwinds 
could be for you ;)

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Lalo Telling owner of Falconvale has been around Inworldz now since April 2010... their builds are quite unique, we found. Well Built & sometimes unusual in their design, their prices are low, so easily affordable... They now have about 3 platforms above their Region which are full of builds, Medieval, tudor, eastern to name but a few.. they also build shops & some pretty unusual builds which we have purchased & used on one of our R/P regions. They come copy/ mod so if you can change the textures, or even take out a wall or 2 if you need to. All the landscape on their Region, around their builds is free to copy too!

View their catalogue

Monday, November 8, 2010

JTL Designs

We met Johnny Knight when we 1st viewed His sim Amethyst Isle & fell in Love with His builds, we have them all now I think & are using them on our R/P sims. His builds are Magnificent & He is very reasonably priced, could probably charge a lot more than he does for such excellant work! However he is one of the Merchants who keeps His prices the same as they are in SL & they arnt even expensive there either!

We always look forward to seeing His new Builds, His latest a Lighthouse! Awesome!

View His catalogue here